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Refinancing your property is a major financial decision that should not be taken lightly.  Many homeowners refinance their property without the assistance of an attorney. 

This can be extremely risky and problematic.

While there is usually an attorney at the closing who brings all the documents for signature, it is important to understand that the attorney bringing those documents represents the bank’s interests, not the borrowers.  The interests of the bank and borrower’s may be different and at times adverse.  It is important to have an attorney protecting your interests.

Having your own independent attorney review and explain the many documents you sign at a refinance is extremely important. Our office will review all documents with the borrower to ensure that they are receiving the loan that they were promised.  We will review the new payments, the closing costs and all of the borrower’s obligations under the terms of the new loan.

Our services include:

  • Review of promissory note and mortgage/loan security agreement to determine whether the new loan is a fixed rate loan or a variable rate loan
  • Review of all other bank documents
  • Review of title report
  • Assistance in clearance of exceptions to title
  • Review of title bill for accuracy
  • Review of bank fees

Our office will guide you through the entire transaction. 
We are always available for questions.

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