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55 Year old woman gets significant settlement after being hit by bicycle


Our Client, a Fifty-Five year old woman was walking to her office in Manhattan after exiting the train when she was hit by a man on a bicycle.  The Police responded, came to the scene, filled out an Aided Report and let the man leave.

After reviewing the Aided Report, our Client realized that the only information on the report regarding the man was his name.  There was no address, social security number or any other information which would help to identify or find him.

When she contacted our office, we went to her house and reviewed the report.  We contacted one of our investigators in an attempt to locate the man.  After a thorough investigation, our investigator was able to locate him.  Our office the found insurance coverage that would provide for a recovery and we initiated a lawsuit.

While the lawsuit was pending, the insurance company made a significant offer and the case was settled prior to trial.

Our Client credits our diligence and attention to detail in locating the defendant and settling the case.


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