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32 Year old man recovers $440,000.00 from his own insurance company


32 Year old man recovers $465,000.00 in car accident case and $440,000.00 was from his own insurance company.

Our Client, a 32 year old man, was driving home from work in October, 2005.  While waiting to make a left turn into his driveway, his car was rear-ended.  The car that rear ended our Client was driven and owned by an 18 year old and had a minimum insurance policy. 

Our Client suffered serious injuries to his back, neck and shoulder.  The other car’s policy only had $25,000.00 available for recovery. After a thorough investigation, our office found additional insurance coverage in our Client’s policy that would allow him to recover more money.

Just prior to trial against our Client’s insurance company, the case was settled.  Our Client’s insurance company agreed to pay an additional $440,000.00, making the total settlement $465,000.00.

Our Client believes that without our hard work and dedication to his file, he may not have recovered the full amount available to him.


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